Socially Responsible Investing

You don't need to sacrifice investment performance when you invest with your values. We believe that companies with sustainable business practices make better long-term investments. Numerous academic studies have shown that investors who consider social and environmental performance factors, in addition to financial indicators when evaluating companies, perform at least as well as those who fail to do so.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) or "Impact Investing", is a growing trend in the world today. 1 out of every 9 dollars of assets under management or about 3.7 Trillion dollars is invested in SRI. That's up 325% since 1995. The movement is growing and so is its influence. SRI is causing corporations to improve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices all around the world. This means that SRI is truly making a difference.

There are many options for the conscious investor. You can invest directly in the projects or companies which are in line with your passions such as sustainable energy or community development in lower income areas or you can choose not to invest in companies, industries, and/or sectors because the activities are inconsistent with your personal values. We encourage socially responsible investing by facilitating exclusions at no extra charge. Individual companies can be excluded by simply providing the names/ticker symbols of the stocks you want to omit. Specific industries can easily be excluded from an individual's portfolio. Some of the choices for exclusion include firearms, alcohol, military weapons, gambling, nuclear power, genocide, and tobacco.

Entire sectors can also be excluded. The options include consumer staples, consumer discretionary, retail / wholesale, medical, auto / tires / trucks, industrial products, basic materials, construction, multi-sector conglomerates, computer / technology, aerospace, oils / energy, finance, utilities, transportation, or business services.

Support your environmental, green and social passions while pursuing sound financial policies. You can still utilize some of the best managers on Earth, but the portfolio is matched to your personal values. We balance your philosophical priorities and investment interests at no additional cost.

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