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Get Your House in Order!

If something were to happen to you, would your family know where to find their important documents? Do they have your Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney, and a list of your prescription medications? For years, millions of Americans have failed to prepare their financial and medical documents - but now there's a solution!

As part of a comprehensive wealth management program, we help you organize your documents and store them in a fireproof safe. We've developed the all-inclusive SafeHaven Kit so you can truly "get your house in order."

The SafeHaven Kit comes with:
-27 pre-labeled hanging file folders organized by categories
-23 comprehensive forms to capture medical, financial, and personal information
-5 pages of instructions for financial professionals
-5 pages of instructions for the end-user
-2 review checklists to track your progress

Our new edition has substantial revisions and improvements, including:
-New categories for identity documents, property titles, tax documents, and more
-Two "blank" folders that can be customized to fit your clients' needs
-New forms to capture your information, including pages for mortgages, loans, and insurance policies

The 27 folders are labeled with the following categories:
Emergency Contacts
Medications and Supplements
Health Insurance
Health Information and History
Living Will/Advance Directive
Medical Power of Attorney
Durable/Springing Power of Attorney
Bank Accounts
Retirement Accounts
Safe Deposit Box
Credit Cards
Mortgages and Loans
Important Financial Contacts
Personal Insurance
Property Insurance
Will and Estate Plan
Funeral Arrangements
Other Important Information
Property and Titles
Important Tax Documents
Online Accounts and Passwords
Memberships and Subscriptions
Other Important Documents
+ 2 Blank Folder

For more information about our "Getting Your House in Order" service, please contact us today. We will be happy to answer any questions and help get you started.